minimalism & shoes

organized shoesOver the weekend I went and bought a lot of clear plastic boxes. All for my shoes. I had thought about it for a while, and part of me was scared at the thought of how many plastic boxes I would have to purchase. I am not minimalist when it comes to shoes. Nearly all of them are pretty practical however (excuses).

The boxes were $1 a piece. I bought half of what I thought I’d need and went home and began switching out the boxes. The next day I went back and bought the other half, plus more. I will use the shoe boxes for shipping things I’m selling, give them to a thrift store for use, or recycle.

I think it’s good to keep shoes in boxes because it helps them stay in better shape. All minimalist should strive to keep their things in good condition because it reduces the need to go buy more. It also shows respect for what you have. I’m going to call this the Theory of Good Order.

I asked myself if doing this was minimalist. I quickly decided that it could be fought either way. This was more about organizing (I did decide to get rid of 1 pair of shoes).

Side #1. One minimalist may keep the regular shoe boxes saying, “I’m making do with what I already have.”

Side #2. “I will wear more of the shoes because I can now see them all. It may also help me get rid of some shoes because I can see what’s not being worn. It looks better in my closet and I will save time by being able to easily find what I want.”

My point is that minimalism is different for everyone. It’s whatever works for you. You may be a minimalist in that you don’t buy much, live to the most of what you already have or can get for free. You may be a minimalist if you streamline everything you have.

I can say that I really like having my shoes in the clear boxes.

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